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Compleet backinggassysteem 10"1/4 tot 14" 257-355 mm


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When welding in precious metals is a condition that the welding occurs in an inert environment. This is to maintain the properties of materials used and to avoid unevenness and corrosion by welding, inter alia, tubes and rørformdele.

Usually this will be done by filling the tube with the gas, resulting in a very large gas consumption. To save the expensive gas, close the welding point on both sides of the weld with a baggassystem. This gives you a great saving of gas, like time spent on filling minimized.

This is ensured by an integrated gas supply. This is done by means of purge gas systems which are thus crucial for achieving high welding quality.

Our purging system called Fast Purge® Multi-size. The system is inflatable, heat-resistant up to 250 degrees, very lightweight and foldable.

Fast Purge® Multi-size is manufactured in the UK.

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