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nitty gritty

The story of Nitty-Gritty is tipically Italian: a story of talent, passion, and a bit of chance. In September 1995, three friends – with completely different professional expertise and experience –, while working on some stainless steel prototypes, became aware that, at least in Italy, there were no efficient alternatives to the pickling paste for weld cleaning. Driven by curiosity, they studied the pickling technologies that already existed on the market. By analysing the cons and limits of the latter, they succeeded in building a technologically more advanced machine for weld cleaning: it included, amongst other components, a patented vapor blow/suction system. After building the first three prototypes of this machine, one of them was purchased by a Swedish company, while many orders arrived after the Welding Fair at Bologna Exhibition Centre in 1996. This huge success led the three friends to bring the first 50 machines into production and to start a research and development programme, ongoing today, which has allowed Nitty-Gritty both to sell more than 40,000 machines all over the world and to provide their weld pickling machines with all the main technical revolutions:

the patented engineering plastic-pad, instead of the traditional short-lasting fiberglass pad the inverter technology, instead of the traditional transformer, which has allowed to build more sophisticated and lighter machines, such as Clinox Pro and Clinox Eco the integrated automatic pump to dose the pickling liquid the patented tank-integrated second torch the system of recirculation and filtering of the pickling electrolyte, which makes Clinox Rec a weld pickling machine unique in the world The stainless steel culture and the extraordinary know-how has now made Nitty-Gritty the specialist of stainless steel, able to improve constantly their machines and to design and build ad hoc electrolyte weld cleaning machines for their clients. This ensures an indisputable result that makes the stainless steel shine: this is Nitty-Gitty’s mission, their trade-mark. Nitty-Gritty: Make it shine.