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At Elettro c.f. we devoted ourselves to the design and production of arc welding and plasma cutting power sources, battery chargers and industrial vacuum cleaners for over 40 years with the objective of satisfying the continual renewal of demand in a continually evolving market.

The matching of experience, engineering skill, innovation and technological research allows us to create and introduce innovative products onto both national and international markets. The know how, acquired from years of activity in the field of electronic and electrotechnical technology applied to welding and plasma cutting, is the best guarantee of the quality and reliability of our products, capable of responding to the demands of a professional clientele.

Our machines are produced respecting European Community construction and safety standards and, in order to further guarantee the relationship with our customers and to document the high level of company quality, we have adopted the ISO 9001:2008 quality system, aimed at constantly controlling and improving all our productive and sales organisation to ensure our clients have, in addition to product quality and reliability, efficient, accurate and timely service and assistance, indispensable elements consolidating and developing the results achieved so far.

The elevated and rigorous control in testing of all our products has allowed our affirmation even on the most difficult and technologically advanced foreign markets.