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Cepro is a leader in the fit-out of welding work areas in the world. In addition to complete projects in welding area protection, Cepro also supplies ready-made products of that met the highest standards in quality and design. In order to be able to quickly satisfy the demand of customers, we keep large quantities in stock of these items.

The top quality products of Cepro are available at extremely competitive prices owing to the large-scale and efficient production and sophisticated logistics.

Cepro has acquired a leading position in welding workshop fit-outs with its extensive product range. Its core business is employee safety. However, this safety goes beyond the protection of employees and bystanders against welding light, welding spatters and sparks and the noise produced by welding and grinding. It also means safeguarding employees against the risk of pollution involved in welding and grinding such as inhalation of harmful welding gases.