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Fiberschijven Ø180x22 nr.80 KF995

Considering the extensive configuration options, you better contact us

Working pressure

We advise against using too high pressure when using fibre discs. This causes heat generation, burnt areas and premature wear.


Prevent heat generation

By moving the disc smoothly back and forth you can considerably diminish the risk of burnt areas


Maximum and advised speeds

The maximum speed for all Cibo fibre discs is 80 m/s.
The ideal circumferential speed depends on the material to be worked. It is always best to work at speeds lower than 60 m/s. With silicon carbide discs, it is better to set the speeds based on the material you want to work. Please note, these speeds are not absolute, they are only a guideline. When in doubt, please consult your Cibo advisor. 

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